Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is about how gathers, uses, and reveals information gathered from the users on our website.  Our privacy policy is applicable to our site, all products and services offered by us.  We provide a variety of online web services, mobile apps to our users.  Users can retrieve info about news, weather, entertainment etc.  We respect the privacy of our users and we ensure the safety of the info collected from our users. The information we collect from our user in the name of privacy policy include:

Personal Identification Information

As the name says, we collect personal identification information from users in various ways that include users visit to our site, subscribing to the newsletter, while using other services, features and resources in our site etc.  The common info we collect include name and email address.  Nevertheless, users can also visit our site without providing any personal info.

Non-personal Identification Information

Other than the personal identification information, we also collect non-personal identification information about users whenever they access our site.  Non-personal info includes browser name, type of computer and technical info about users means of connection to our site, OS, internet service provider etc.


We also rely on web browser cookies to improve user’s experience.  User’s web browser stores cookies on their hard drive as a matter of record-keeping and we do access that information sometimes.  Users can set an alert to halt us from accessing your web browser cookies.  By restricting us from not accessing your cookies, you may not have full-fledged access to our website.

What we do with the gathered information from the user?

If you are wondering what we do with the aforementioned information we have collected, then just read on to find out!

  • We gather the info to improve our site. We collect your info and strive hard to improve our site so as to present ourselves in the best way possible before you.
  • We collect the info to improve the service we provide you.
  • We collect the info to respond to your requests more effectively.

This is how we protect your information

We provide utmost security to the user’s data.  We use data collection, storage and processing practices to provide protection to users’ data.  It will disallow unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure of personal info like username, password, transaction info etc.  We use digital signatures to protect and encrypt your personal info.  We create secure and safe environment for our users.

Our security to your personal information

We never reveal your information to outsiders.  We sometimes share generic demographic info that is no way linked to personal info with our business partners and trusted affiliates.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We have every right to change or alter the privacy policy at any given time.  When we do so, we will let our users know about the same through a notification.  It is users’ responsibility to cope up with the updated privacy policy.

Terms and Conditions

By using this site, you are accepting the policy and terms of service.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, you can contact with us at admin@